Hand Painted Kitty Kat Stool

Kitty Kat is the newest addition to our hand painted stools. Kitty's bow colors will change according to the colors you choose for the name. 

Painted and sealed with non toxic paints and sealers. top and edges are sealed.  This one is in the jewel tones, also availabe with primary and pastel.  

stool measures 8 x 13 3/4  8 in high to fit names from 1 to 11 letters.  Single names or two names totaling up to 7 letters  example MiaKate....can not be done with a space between names.
6-8 letters  8 x 15.5 x 8
9-12 letters  8 x 16-18 x 8

Letters are 3 1/2 inches for upper case and 2 1/2 inches for lower case. 

Engraving for the stools needs to be purchased seperate.    click here to go to the engraving option

shipping 4-6 weeks


Customize Your Hand Painted Kitty Kat Stool

  • Base Price $67.95