Doodle Stool

The Doodle stool is the newest addition to the Cubbyhole family of stools. This stool has the name as a puzzle along with a chalk board for that little extra creativity. Now your child can practice spelling their name right on their own stool.  Single names only

Height is 8 in, width is 9 in, length is 15 1/2 inches letters are 3 inches for the upper case and 2 inches for the lower case. Stool is shown in the Jewel colors. We use a latex chalk board paint and it is cleanable by using a damp cloth.   Single name or two names totaling up to 7 letters  example MiaKate....can not be done with a space between names.
Engraving for the stools needs to be purchased seperate.   click here to go to the engraving option

.shipping is 4-6 weeks 

Customize Your Doodle Stool

  • Base Price $56.95