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Handmade Wooden Personalized Children's Toys & Furniture

Custom Children’s Furniture in East Dundee, IL.

At Cubby Hole Toys, we specialize in safe, personalized, durable toys for your children to enjoy for years to come. Our customized wood stools, puzzles, coat racks, and children’s furniture are all carefully hand-crafted with each child in mind so they can stand up to rough playtime while capturing the imagination with bright, beautiful colors and paintings. 

We have been making wooden children’s toys for 25 years, and we take great pride in providing you with a safe and durable product to last you for many years! 

Personalized Puzzle Stools

Customizing your children’s toys and furniture gives them a special object to call their own and take pride in. It also helps reinforce reading skills, memory, color and letter recognition, as well as, other important developmental milestones. Personalized puzzle stools make the perfect gift for a baby shower, meeting the new baby, or for celebrating a birthday.

Our personalized puzzle stools are durable to withstand playtime and will remain strong and steady for years!

Personalized Name Puzzles

Our personalized name puzzles are great for children who are just learning how to spell. As your child plays with these smooth, colorful wood blocks, they also learn the letters of their name! Each block is large and sturdy so that they can handle years of wear and tear, perfect for babies, infants, and young school children.

When you choose your puzzle, you can personalize it by adding your choice of colors.

Personalized Coat Racks

It can be a challenge to get your kids to hang up their jackets and sweatshirts, neatly. An excellent way to encourage your children to tidy up more is by getting them a personalized coat rack.

Your child’s custom coat rack can be mounted anywhere, and it includes their name made of solid wood. This is a great tool to help your children keep the home clean and teach them effective organization skills.

Handmade Personalized Wood Stools

As parents, it’s your job to help your growing child get to where they need to safely. That’s why we offer our handmade personalized wood stools for children that are designed to help your child learn, grow, and explore. When you purchase a hand-printed flip stool, you can choose the type of lettering and the colors for your stool to make it your own.

Hand Painted Piggy Banks

Do you want to teach your children the importance of spending their money wisely? What better way to teach this valuable lesson than gifting them a customized hand-painted piggy bank!

At Cubby Hole Toys, our piggy banks are painted and personalized on both sides. You can even have their birthday, weight, length, and time of birth added to the side of the bank.

Gift Cards for Custom Children’s Toys

Need a special gift, but you can’t decide what to get? Send a gift card! The Cubby Hole lets you send gift cards that the recipient can use towards anything in our store.

*Remember, all deliveries take about 4-8 weeks to come in, and your card will be charged at the time of the order!

**As a special Thank You to any repeat customers once you place an order your account will be marked as a “preferred customer” this will give you an automatic discount of 10% on all future orders.