Hand Painted Ceramic Piggy Banks

Custom Personalized Hand Painted Piggy Banks   

One of the easiest ways to learn how to save money as a child is with a piggy bank. Why not make the experience even better by giving your child a custom personalized hand-painted piggy bank. At Cubby Hole Toys, we have cute hand-painted ceramic piggy banks that can be personalized on both sides.

Gifting a piggy bank is a great way to help organize money, teach children about saving, and eventually, the money you store in the bank will add up! You can inspire your child to be a smart saver from a young age.

Personalizing Your Piggy Bank

Did you know that piggy banks are often given as gifts because they represent luck and good fortune? That’s right! Piggy banks make fantastic gifts for any child starting a new chapter of their life. Whether you have a newborn in the family, a toddler, or an elementary-aged child, they would all benefit from a custom personalized hand-painted piggy bank. Plus, don’t forget that you can have the birthday, weight, length, and time of birth added to one side of your bank!

At Cubby Hole Toys, all of our piggy banks are hand-painted using non-toxic paints, and they’re designed especially for you! Each bank comes with a rubber stopper to keep all of your money safe in your bank.

Shipping Your Piggy Bank  

Every bank is 7 ½ inches from the tip of the ear to the bottom of the foot. You can also measure 8 ½ inches from the nose to the tail. When you order one of our custom piggy banks, we will only ship one to a box to prevent breakage. If you plan on ordering more than one, or additional shipping is needed with your order, we will notify you.

Remember, all deliveries take about 4-8 weeks to come in, and your card will be charged at the time of the order!

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Showing all 8 results