Personalized Coat Racks

Personalized & Custom Made Coat Racks For Kids


It can often be a struggle to get your children to pick up after themselves when they’ve come back inside for the day. However, ordering a small coat rack can make your daily routine more organized and stress-free.

A personalized coat rack with your child’s name on it will encourage your child to hang their coats and backpacks in its respective spot, and it’ll be a fun activity that they’ll look forward to at the end of the day.

A handmade personalized coat rack is an excellent way to teach your child neatness, organization, and spelling while giving them a special place to call their own.

Where to Place Your Custom Coat Rack

At Cubby Hole Toys, our personalized and custom-made coat racks are a fun, cute, and colorful way to bring personality to your child’s room, as well as motivate them to keep it clean! One of the best parts about ordering one of our custom coat racks is that it can be mounted anywhere. This will help show your child immediately where to put their jacket and backpack when they come home for the day.

A custom coat rack is something that your child can use for years. As they grow older, the coat rack gives them ownership and gives them a special place to organize their belongings. Plus, they can move it whenever they need to!

Hand Painted Coat Racks

Each of our coat racks are carved from solid wood with a soft, delicate finish. They include names made from solid wood and are carefully painted with non-toxic paint and sealer. The bright colors we use will add the perfect pop of color to your wall. Handmade and painted with superior craftsmanship, we take great pride in providing you with a safe coat rack for your children.

Remember, all deliveries take about 4-8 weeks to come in, and your card will be charged at the time of the order!

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